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 with Compassionate Care Counseling

For all, but with expertise in marginalized psychologies

You aren't alone. With choosing Compassionate Care Counseling in central Prague, you will be in good hands. Utilizing different up-to-date, well-researched tools from methods from talk therapy to expressive and body-related trauma-informed methods, we can work together to find what is the best fit for you. Do not hesitate to ask for help to move your life in a better direction with a hands-on approach.

New to counseling?

It can be intimidating to know what to look for in therapy or in a counselor, which is why I encourage potential clients to ask me as many questions as they would like before our first meeting. Feeling secure with your decision is a priority above all else. Email me today to begin to put your mind at ease.

Email today to ask about online sessions. Details about pricing are listed on "My Services". 

Not sure if you can afford it?

I offer sliding-scale appointments for temporary phases of life that otherwise wouldn't allow a balance of financial security and improved mental health. Please contact to find out more if you would fit this description.

Online Sessions Available

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Narodní 28 11000, Prague

Also available on Skype

Phone number: +420 605 513 418

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