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Sessions and Support Groups

One-on-One Sessions

This service is based on reaching progress and acceptance in life utilizing a range of methods. One session is 1500- czk. Every client can expect a plan for healing with arranged goals for upcoming sessions during the initial session. Call or email now to schedule a session.

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Youth Sessions

(Coaching or Counseling)

Growing up is hard. Youth may need directional help, and others may need the space to express hardships and difficulties just like adults do. Unlike the One-on-One sessions for adults, youth will have access to non-verbal therapy options and round-the-clock assistance. Sessions are 1500- czk. Call or email now to schedule a session.

Family & Couples Sessions

Love in it's many forms isn't as simple as we may think, and it is okay to say, "We need help." Many methods in Prague employ frameworks that are outdated, sometimes relying on a time when romantic and familial relationships were reliant on traditions that we may have no use for today. Let's get up to date together.

Sessions are:

2200 kc-/50 mins or 2500/90 mins for couples,

2200 kc-/50 mins for families of a current child client,

and 2500 kc-/90 mins for new families. 


Call or email now to schedule a session.

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Support groups/workshop availability will be posted here when applicable.

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